Call for Workshops

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The IJCAI-19 Conference Committee invite proposals for workshops to be held August 11-12, 2019, immediately prior to the main conference.

The aim of the workshop program is to provide a structured setting for the discussion of specialized technical topics; the format of proposed workshops should be designed to promote an active exchange of ideas between attendees.

All members of the AI community are invited to submit workshop proposals for review. We encourage several forms of workshops:

This year, we welcome also workshops that address issues related to responsible and explainable A.I.

Workshops can vary in length from half a day to two days. To cover costs, it is necessary to charge workshop participants a workshop fee, which is separate from the main conference fee. Workshop attendees do not need to register for the main IJCAI conference, but are encouraged to do so. IJCAI reserves the right to cancel workshops whose attendance does not support their running costs.

Important Dates:

Requirements for Proposal Submission

The workshop proposals should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file using the link

Each proposal should contain the following information:

Selection Process

The selection of workshops will be made by the Workshop Program Committee and will be based on multiple factors, including the scientific/technical interest of the topics in relation to the anticipated IJCAI audience, the quality of the proposal, the balance and distinctness of topics across all workshops, the history of past attendance for non-first-time workshops, and the experience of the organizing committee. We may request proposers addressing similar or overlapping content areas to merge their proposals.


For all accepted proposals, IJCAI will be responsible for providing publicity for the workshop series as a whole, logistic support, and a meeting place for the workshop.

Workshop organizers will be responsible for:

We are considering several plans to increase the exposure for the workshops including the possibility of having the workshop chairs present short summaries of the workshops during the main conference and having workshop reports appear in an archival publication.

For each running workshop there will be two free workshop registrations. The organizers will decide themselves whom to give them to. Please send all enquiries about the Workshops to the IJCAI 2019 Workshop Chairs, Amal El Fallah-Seghrouchni ( and David Sarne (