The IJCAI Organization is pleased to announce that registration for IJCAI-19 is now open!

** EARLY REGISTRATION CUTOFF: June 20, 2019 (UTC-12) **

Please read the following information carefully along with the Conference Fees menu item in the registration system. Please have your credit card ready for payment!

General Information

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Hotel Booking

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Regular Student
Early Late On-site Early Late On-site
Main Conference Fee US$750 US$950 US$1,100 US$350 US$500 US$600
Workshop Fee for Main Conference Registrants
      1 Day US$250 US$300 US$350 US$150 US$175 US$200
      2 Day US$325 US$375 US$425 US$190 US$210 US$240
      3 Day US$400 US$450 US$500 US$225 US$250 US$275
      1 Day US$305 US$355 US$405 US$160 US$210 US$260
      2 Day US$457 US$507 US$557 US$240 US$290 US$340
      3 Day US$610 US$660 US$710 US$320 US$370 US$420
      1/2 Day US$250 US$300 US$350 US$150 US$200 US$250
      1 Day US$350 US$400 US$450 US$200 US$250 US$300
      2 Day US$500 US$550 US$600 US$275 US$325 US$375
      3 Day US$650 US$700 US$750 US$350 US$400 US$450

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