IJCAI 2019 Robot Exhibition


Robots are a central focus of AI research and development, providing prominent examples of where intelligent abilities are necessary to cope with complex tasks and environments. On the one hand, developing intelligent robot systems involves challenging open research questions in AI. On the other hand, AI methods are gaining increasing interest and applicability in contexts which involve the use of robots, in industries, services, space, and several other domains. The IJCAI 2019 Robot Exhibition offers a prime space for exposing both achieved results and new opportunities for the use of AI in Robotics to a large audience of qualified AI researchers, both from academia and from industry, and seeks to involve both academic and industrial actors interested in the combination of AI and Robotics.

Robot Systems

The following robot systems will be displayed during the exhibition:


Alternate exhibitions will be held from August 13th to August 16th, 2019 (tentative)

Robot Exhibition Chairs

Xiaoping Chen (xpchen@ustc.edu.cn)

Francesco Amigoni (francesco.amigoni@polimi.it)

Further information

Contact the chairs.