Early Career Spotlight Talks

Roni Stern

Title: Domain-dependent and domain-independent problem solving techniques

Joydeep Biswas

Title: The Quest for "Always-On" Autonomous Mobile Robots

Fei Fang

Title: Integrating Learning with Game Theory for Societal Challenges

Long Tran-Thanh

Title: Budgeted Sequential Decision Making in Human-Aware AI Systems

Sanmi Koyejo

Title: Robust Federated Learning

Jiliang Tang

Title: Deep Learning on Graphs

Byron Wallace

Title: What does the evidence say? Models to help make sense of the biomedical literature

Akshat Kumar

Title: Multiagent Decision Making and Learning in Urban Environments

Maya Cakmak

Title: End-User Programming of General Purpose Robots

Nora Ayanian

Title: Coordinating Multirobot Systems in the Physical World

Prateek Jain

Title: EdgeML: Machine Learning in 2KB of RAM

Shirin Sohrabi Araghi

Title: AI Planning for Enterprise: Putting Theory Into Practice

Gerardo I. Simari

Title: From Data to Knowledge Engineering for Cybersecurity

Qixing Huang

Title: Map Synchronization: from Object Correspondences to Neural Networks

Xiang Bai

Title: OCR in the Wild: Recent Developments, Challenges and Future Trends

Yanfang (Fanny) Ye

Title: CyberAI: Innovation, Research and Education for a Better World