Speaker Instruction

1. Which accepted papers have an oral presentation?

All papers of all tracks (main track, special track on the evolution of the contours of AI, survey track, sister conference track, journal track, early career spotlight talks, as well as demos when the authors have selected this option.

2. Which accepted papers have an poster presentation?

All papers of all tracks (if the authors are willing to), but not papers that belong to the Video track.

3. I have a main track paper but I forgot to answer the poll asking whether I wanted to present a poster, will it be possible to present a poster anyway?

Yes (and by default we are assuming that you are wiling to).

4. When will my poster be presented?

The poster corresponding to a talk will be exhibited for a full day. Authors should set up their posters in the morning and are advised to stand by their poster at coffee breaks and, if possible, during lunch break.

All papers will have their poster exhibited on the same day.

You must hang your poster before 8:30 in the morning of your day where the poster is presented, and remove it at the end of the day. Please choose an empty poster board to hang your poster.

The size of the available panels will be A0 size in vertical format (1189 mm in height x 841 mm in width).

Both A0 and A1 are allowed for the poster size.

5. Can I print a poster on the conference site?

Yes, please see https://ijcai19.medmeeting.org/Content/133647

6. What are the instructions for oral presentation?

Speakers should bring their slides loaded on a USB and upload them on the computer in the room where the session is held. You should upload your presentation slides at least 20 minutes before your session starts (if you session starts on 8:30 it is a good idea to upload them the day before). You should be present in the session room ten minutes before your session starts and make yourself known to the session chair. The rooms will be equipped with a lectern and microphone, as well as a laser pointer.

Most common file types are accepted, but we advise you to bring a PDF in any case.

When you answer questions, try to be as succinct as possible. If you take two minutes to answer your first question, there will be no second question.

7. Is it possible to use my own laptop?

No, because it would incur a loss of time. (Exceptions may be possible under exceptional and justified circumstances.)

8. What is the duration of my presentation?

Main track, sister conference track, journal track: 15 minutes including questions. (This is short but this is the price to pay for giving a slot for oral presentation to all accepted papers.) I advise you to leave two minutes for one or two questions at the end of your presentation.

Survey track: 15 minutes including questions.

Special tracks: 15 minutes including questions.

Early career talks: 20-30 minutes on the specific session (including questions.)

9. Can I present my paper remotely (e.g., by Skype?)

No, I’m sorry. If none of the coauthors can attend, please contact me (sarit@cs.biu.ac.il).

10. Is it possible to request a last-minute change?

No. Please contact me if there is a problem (sarit@cs.biu.ac.il).

11. I am a session chair. What should I do?

You should be present in the room at least 15 minutes before the session starts.

Make sure all the speakers are in the room at least 10 minutes before the session starts and that all presentation have been uploaded on the computer.

Make sure the session starts on time.

Before the session starts, insist that the presentation including questions will not exceed 15 minutes, and that the default is 12 minutes. Explain to the speaker that you will show them a sign at half way (six minutes before the end of these 12 minutes), then two minutes before, and then after the 12 minutes are over.

Take questions as long as there are at least one minute left. If the questions take to long, don’t hesitate to interrupt them.

In case there is a problem during the session, please contact a volunteer.

12. Information about the provided Laptops.

Brand: Lenovo.

Model: Ideapad S130.

Screen size: 14'' HD.

Operation System: Windows 10 Home 64.

Ports: USD 3.0*2; USB type C; HDMI; MicroSD Card reader.

Software Inofrmation:

13. What if my question has not been answered here?

Contact me with ORAL (resp. POSTER) in the subject, followed by your paper id (for example: POSTER #134). I advise you to look at the presentation FAQ before sending your question.

Sarit Kraus,
IJCAI-2019 Program Chair